School of Education and Humanities


The School of Education is established to provide quality education programmes  for postgraduates and  undergraduates.  All the programmes are in line with vision and mission to provide affordable, wholesome and flexible education via e-learning both locally and globally These programmes are  conducted using the  online and distance learning mode that offers learners the flexibility  to work and study at thesame time. The school is committed to impart knowledge and skills to  enable learners to  become successful   educators, leaders and educational professionals. All programmes  are designed to ensure  that they  meet the current industry needs. Empowering the students and motivating them to strive for excellence in a balanced and innovative manner is of key importance. This is the school’s contribution to the national human capital development


•To provide quality, affordable and flexible education via online distance learning in the conventional sense and blended learning approach.
•To produce postgraduates/undergraduates who will become successful leaders of tomorrow.
To achieve the zero unemployment rate set by the university


School of Education offers a wide range of highly practical and effective programmes as follows:

Diploma Courses

Bachelor Courses

Masters Courses

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