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Online Distance Learning
Online and distance learning at GUC offers a fresh way of blending innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with your tutor and fellow students from around the world.
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Design Thinking
THE process for creative problem solving.  With human-centricity at its core, it fosters organisations to focus on the people they're creating for — the ultimate recipe for better products, services, and internal processes.
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Industrial 4.0 Readiness
The game is changing. The wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution is set to take the world by storm impacting humankind. At GUC, we help you change the game. Distinctive because it is the first university in the region that brings the industries to the decision table to create and formulate academic programs from the industries, by the industries and for the industries in the name of` the good of the country.
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TVET Certification
Gone are the days where TVET enjoyed a bad rap. Thanks to IR 4.0, TVET is more relevant today than it has ever been before as it involves education and hands-on job training, which provide knowledge and skills for employment.
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School of Malay Traditional Medicine
Fakulti Perubatan Tradisional Melayu (School of Malay Traditional Medicine - SMTM) yang bertujuan menyedia dan menawarkan pembelajaran dan penyelidikan serta kajian yang bersistematik dan diiktiraf dalam bidang amalan Perubatan Tradisional Melayu. Ianya akan merupakan Fakulti Perubatan Tradisional Melayu yang terulung dalam sejarah tanahair malah di dunia yang pernah diujudkan dalam institusi pengajian tinggi bagi menawarkan pengajian dalam bidang perubatan warisan nenek moyang secara professional. Kewujudan fakulti ini juga secara langsung akan menjadi platform bagi mengangkat martabat dan maruah bangsa dan negara dalam bidang penjagaan kesihatan dan perubatan cara kita untuk ditonjolkan ke pesada dunia.
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School of Technical, Vocational Education and Training
STVET focuses on youths and working professionals, with the objectives of improving participants’ skills in a condensed teaching period and allow participants to obtain a quality competency-based qualification quickly and conveniently. The TVET Industrial Coaching series will empower participants with the foundation necessary to lead high performing teams and achieve operational success. The Industrial programs are delivered through a series of face to face practical lab and coaching series, online classroom, assignments, quizzes and workshops to cover skills, knowledge, ability and attributes which addresses specific industry contexts. Learning is built on the participants own career experience or industry needs through discussions that is applicable at current workplace and industry context.
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School of Complementary and Traditional Medicine
SCOTMED — the only University Faculty in Malaysia offering a myriad of professional upgrade and/or qualifying programmes for the complementary and traditional medicine industries. Programmes range from professional certificate/diploma to masters’ and doctoral degrees, which are internationally delivered via Open Distance Learning mode. Programmes undergo vigorous quality/evidence-based vetting within the School and validation by the Academic Committee established within Genovasi University College (GUC). MQA accreditation will be sought for all major qualifying and post-graduate programmes.
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"Nutritional Medicine was new to me as I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist by training. Attending Dato’ Sri courses at Genovasi University College has clarified for me how nutrition can affect the health of an individual. It has answered many of the questions raised by the problems my patients faced. I have seen myself its application to patients with various medical problems that had defied previous treatment regimes. I am sure Nutritional Medicine will be a most useful addition to your practice where you apply the principles behind it towards the management of your patients. I hope in the future Nutritional Medicine will be accorded its rightful place in mainstream medical practice. "

Dr Kok Kah Ping,

"The Design Thinking programme helped put things into perspective. It taught me the importance of improving the human condition by delivering on a single clear problem statement at a time. "

Venkat, Group CTO, Columbia Group

"I want to express my personal appreciation to Genovasi University College & Assoc. Prof Dr. Roy Prasad during the 3 classes I have attended thus far for the Post Graduate Certificate in Labour Law &Industrial Relations Management Course. Textbooks can prescribe writing basics, but there’s no replacement for a lecturer that can say, “This is what I do and it led to these results”. Assoc Prof Dr Roy Prasad is a dynamic and charismatic lecturer and his consultatitve approach to HR helped me to arrive to the right decisions. Seize the opportunity. You won’t regret taking the classes, but you might regret not making yourself better when you had the chance. "

Mel Anselm, Gastrodome Management Services Sdn Bhd

"The thinking process, how it helps you dig deeper than the surface and the steps you take along the way for the best outcome. The brainstorming technique from design thinking is something I would want to apply at work immediately. "

Raqim Ahmad, Channel Manager, Astro

"The simple tools as Design Thinking that can be easily used especially during the interactions with consumers - during the empathy stage and testing. The empathy technique takes some time to appreciate, but I see the value of it at the end of programme, especially when you clearly see the different angles to address a business objective. "

Lam Pui Yuee, Innovation Manager, Nestle

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