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To advance knowledge and wisdom through futuristic engagement enhanced with design thinking skills


To be a renowned university pioneering in industry-based education

School philosophy

The GUC management believes that the purpose of university education is to upgrade a student’s potential for learning. Students learn best in a work-based setting. Such a setting is way more challenging than a typical classroom where the lecturer is the knowledge provider and students as passive learners. In the ordinary classroom, the student’s only goal is to absorb the knowledge and regurgitate all information acquired on paper during exams or assignments. At GUC, our curriculum has been derived from within and by the industry. Our excellently formulated educational programs will contribute holistically to the student’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. The courses we offer contribute to the development of critical skills and impresses upon the student, new ways of thinking, new disciplines and new tools of learning.

Such students will be able to adapt to the challenges and demands of the external world. Students are exposed at an early stage to the real demands and needs of the industry from where our academics come from. Students will learn a lot more in GUC, a pioneer in industry-based education than at any other university. A good learning environment is one in which the students assume the role of apprentice and the lecturer as supervisor. Within our work-based learning platforms, the apprentice would be able to visualize the industry priorities, the targets, the rules, the decorum, ethics or culture expected and hence the learner work towards achieving their own key performance indices, which we prefer to call rather than learning outcomes. Students have a clear vision of what their personal goals are and take responsibility of their own self-development.

Core values

GUC focus on upholding strong integrity and moral principles. It is essential for the members of university to be responsible for their actions, act in honest way and display fairness in all aspects of their work.
GUC focus on continuous development and enhancement of one’s competencies as well as adhere to professional ethics at all time.
Social responsibility
GUC strongly holds to the value of utilizing expertise and resources to contribute towards betterment of the community. Members’ participation in community service and environment sustainability are emphasized.
GUC values the power of imagination in oneself and others. We welcome all new insights and ideas on ways to look at things and build on it for the betterment of everyone.
GUC emphasizes on creating a warm and friendly work culture, collaboration between the members as well as willingness to learn from others. Team accomplishment and responsibility sharing are important values for members.


Professor Datuk Dr. Azarae Idris
Vice Chancellor / Chief Executive
Professor Datuk Dr. Azarae Idris
Vice Chancellor / Chief Executive
Associate Professor Dr. Puniamurthy Krishnasamy
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry Links) / Registrar
Professor Datuk Dr. Azarae Idris
Vice Chancellor / Chief Executive

As the Vice Chancellor of Genovasi University College (GUC),I welcome potential students on board. Our voyage is just beginning but being born in the budding era of IR 4.0 we are well equipped with the state-of-the-art digital delivery, contemporary academic programs & syllabus relevant to the market, experienced academics & professors and collaborative networking. At GUC, we sensed the unfolding challenges now faced by humanity brought about by the accelerated changes in technological and scientific advancement bringing disruptive impacts to the way we live our life. Realizing this approaching life-changing tsunami GUC is ready to fortify its graduates with the DNA of the Hasso-Plattner Design Thinking modules, a mandatory curriculum at all level of studies. With us, you become thinkers and problem solvers much sought by employers looking for this value-added attribute.


Students and parents looking for this additional self-attribute should enroll with GUC. At GUC, the German Hasso-Plattner Institute for Design-Thinking (DT) modules is a compulsory course to be taken by students at all level of studies from diploma to post-graduates. With this DT training, they will graduate as thinkers and problem solvers. Employers are looking for this new breed of thinking talents to be part of their human resource outfit. Thinking employees is an asset.


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Associate Professor Dr. Puniamurthy Krishnasamy
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry Links) / Registrar

Warmest greetings to all of you. Genovasi University College is a primary target for students and working adults seeking to both procure the latest industry- based knowledge and skills as well as enhancing and expanding their knowledge base for their career progression. We have developed courses at GUC to match industry’s expectations of a creative and innovative workforce which is work ready. We are poised to provide education for the future which is student centred, dynamic, and relevant in today’s ever changing and disruptive landscape of work as opposed to traditional and conventional modes in higher education settings. Our uniqueness stems from offering design thinking methodology and skills which are embedded in all our courses bearing in mind the advent and reality IR 4.0.

In fulfilling our duty and responsibilities as educators, we have engaged industry players as partners and teaching staff who have a wealth of real life experiences, situations and conditions in the marketplace. We are delighted to play a part towards achieving our student’s academic and professional goals fulfilling their dreams and facilitating their embracing of lifelong education.

What makes GUC stand out

Online Distance Learning
Online and distance learning at GUC offers a fresh way of blending innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with your tutor and fellow students from around the world.
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Design Thinking
THE process for creative problem solving.  With human-centricity at its core, it fosters organisations to focus on the people they're creating for — the ultimate recipe for better products, services, and internal processes.
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Industrial 4.0 Readiness
The game is changing. The wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution is set to take the world by storm impacting humankind. At GUC, we help you change the game. Distinctive because it is the first university in the region that brings the industries to the decision table to create and formulate academic programs from the industries, by the industries and for the industries in the name of` the good of the country.
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TVET Certification
Gone are the days where TVET enjoyed a bad rap. Thanks to IR 4.0, TVET is more relevant today than it has ever been before as it involves education and hands-on job training, which provide knowledge and skills for employment.
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