School of Accounting and Financial Studies (SAFS)

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The School of Accounting & Financial Studies is to prepare students to be trained in their chosen field of accounting and financial studies, ready for practice upon completion of our courses.

Dean's Message

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GUC voices

"Our testimonies will make its appearance soon. Stay tuned!"


"A picture speaks a thousand words. Our alumni speaks many, many more. Come back soon to read their stories."


"Political science has broadened my perspective of politics. You can learn about things you never thought about and use a lot of critical thinking skills which I think is good for active politicians. "

Ariffin Willie Bin Muhamad

"Perubatan Melayu atau Perubatan Tradisional Melayu merupakan keseluruhan ilmu, kemahiran dan amalan berdasarkan teori, kepercayaan dan pengamalan secara tradisi (warisan nenek moyang) samaada boleh dibuktikan atau sebaliknya. Pendekatannya adalah secara holistik yang meliputi Jasad, Minda dan Roh (Mind, Body & Soul) berkonsepkan 3 kategori cabang amalan iaitu Manipulatif, Biokimia dan Kerohanian bagi menjaga dan mengembali serta mengekalkan sihat."

Mohd Adzhar Bin Abd Latif

"I am Selvadurai. I was working as a draughtsman in a firm in Singapore. I could not go anywhere else as I learned the skills on my own and with no paper qualification. One of my friend introduced me to GUC – RBA Skill workshop for Experienced program. I joined the program to transfer my skills and work experience via GUC-RBA SWEP program. Today I have obtained a competency Diploma Level 5 in Draughtsman and manage to secure a better job offer in Singapore. I have to thank GUC-RBAfor changing my life and provide me with good carrier options."

Selvadurai, Diploma level 5 in draughtsman

"I’m Mugesh Krisna. This picture means a lot to me as I was given the opportunity to go to China for advance Mobile repairing skills upon completion of my Vocational Diploma in electronics. I would like to take this opportunity to thank GUC - RBA as their commitment in empowering Malaysian youths. Today I have gained a step further in my knowledge and skills in Technical and Vocational Education. To all SPM students labelled as failures by our education system , hope is still around the corner. Look for organization like GUC to bring the best out of you. I hope more Malaysian will GUC-RBA journey towards empowering youths. With their blessing I am now an entrepreneur having my own mobile shop in Kuala Lumpur."

Mugesh Krisna, Vocational diploma in electronics

"Hi I’m Mageshwaran from Kajang. I didn’t do so well in my SPM examination. My enrollment with GUC-RBA program Vocational Diploma in Electronic make me to realise my capability. Now I am earning more RM3,000 a month as a IT Executive in a financial institution. "

Mageshwaran, Vocational diploma in electronic

"Through this program and guidance from the experienced lecturers, it gave me great insight on management practice in organization. Good program with extensive input on theories andapplications. Thank you, Genovasi University College. "

Sugandhi Madhushani Pathirana, Diploma in Management, Recognition of Prior Learning Programme (RPL)

"Throughout this program, I enjoyed the learning session with the lecturers and fellow classmates as we work together to apply the theories and skills learnt to come up with our project paper. I am nowready to start my career journey"

Shannen Johnson, Diploma in Management, Recognition of Prior Learning Programme (RPL)

"Application of nutritional knowledge is an important part of my medical practice. It helps to prevent, treat and oftentimes reverse chronic diseases. "

Dr Eddie Chan, MBBS, MRCPH, MNMedP (Msia)