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SCOTMED — the only University Faculty in Malaysia offering a myriad of professional upgrade and/or qualifying programmes for the complementary and traditional medicine industries. Programmes range from professional certificate/diploma to masters’ and doctoral degrees, which are internationally delivered via Open Distance Learning mode.

Programmes undergo vigorous quality/evidence-based vetting within the School and validation by the Academic Committee established within Genovasi University College (GUC). MQA accreditation will be sought for all major qualifying and post-graduate programmes.

Dean's Message

Dato' Sri Steve Yap
DSY Chair in Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine, Dean SCOTMED

Malaysia is probably the only country in Asia with parliamentary laws to regulate the practice of traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) as well as protecting the interest of patients seeking the services of qualified practitioners. More than 60% of Malaysians have been found to seek assistance from T&CM practitioners in managing their chronic health disorders.

The major objectives of this School include:

  1. To meet our country’s aspirations in upgrading healthcare professionals particularly those in traditional and complementary medicine so as to empower them to function effectively in this age of global digital learning/technology (Fourth Industrial Revolution);
  2. To promote Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) that is led by healthcare professions;
  3. To meet the needs for senior T&CM practitioners wishing to teach and supervise qualifying professional programmes set by the various member societies/associations within the recognised T&CM federations;
  4. To spearhead the development and promotion of professional upgrade and post-graduate degree courses for senior T&CM practitioners; and
  5. To help position Malaysia as a regional Centre of Excellence in evidence-based T&CM training.


To help achieve these objectives, this School has innovatively designed its training courses carrying these special features:

  1. Professional qualifying programmes are being developed in consultation with the relevant professional medical societies/associations recognised nationally to ensure technical content for each qualification is relevant for use in their clinical practice;
  2. Entry to masters’ programmes is via Genovasi University College’s professional diploma courses developed in collaboration with relevant professional societies/associations, plus 5-year relevant professional experience;
  3. Teaching and learning of academic content is facilitated by use of online teaching materials, web seminars, mentoring, personal supervision, face-to-face lectures, revision classes, completion of assessments and examinations;
  4. Assessments are based on continuous examinations/assessments, coursework, work-based projects, dissertation, and/or theses as appropriate to the academic levels pursued by the practitioners; and
  5. Academic credits earned at the post-graduate degree studies are transferable to the Genovasi University College’s academic degrees accredited by the MQA.

The School looks forward to a mutually-rewarding journey of learning with you in the years’ ahead.




Top practitioners in treatment modalities
We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and professional competence of our members
Evidence based complementary / traditional medicine
All our findings are derived in the power of researched-backed facts
High standards of teaching and learning
High standards are key in raising the bar in garnering an added edge
Discovery of traditional medicine benefits
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GUC voices

"Application of nutritional knowledge is an important part of my medical practice. It helps to prevent, treat and oftentimes reverse chronic diseases. "

Dr Eddie Chan, MBBS, MRCPH, MNMedP (Msia)

"Nutritional Medicine was new to me as I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist by training. Attending Dato’ Sri courses at Genovasi University College has clarified for me how nutrition can affect the health of an individual. It has answered many of the questions raised by the problems my patients faced. I have seen myself its application to patients with various medical problems that had defied previous treatment regimes. I am sure Nutritional Medicine will be a most useful addition to your practice where you apply the principles behind it towards the management of your patients. I hope in the future Nutritional Medicine will be accorded its rightful place in mainstream medical practice. "

Dr Kok Kah Ping,