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In the contemporary world, client-driven changes in legal delivery systems are pertinent and demand specific teaching methods to be changed in the education system with an emphasis on innovative method approaches in legal business. Therefore, an understanding of what is driving innovation in the legal industry and, how they can adapt into their own educational institutes and businesses is essential.

The challenging task before us today is to have a vision that captures the emerging needs of innovators and finding innovative solutions to legal delivery systems. This course is specifically designed to inspire innovation in the relevant legal sectors. Lastly, an emphasis is placed on market-driven transformation of legal delivery methods and legal systems that emerge in collaboration with the involvement of legal professionals, students and University faculty.                                                            

Dean's Message

Prof. Dr. Kamal Karunadasa
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International Affairs, Dean School of Humanities and Law (SHL)

Welcome to Malaysia’s Genovasi University College (GUC), a place where students from any part of the world and from any station in life can realize their fullest educational potential! GUC is one of the best and unique university colleges in Malaysia offering a wide range of highly practical and effective programmes via a conventional and hybrid open distance learning system. Not many universities in the world have this facility to offer students developing their careers to suit the needs of the contemporary world. GUC has a global outlook, with the best local and international centres available for students to enrol. GUC offers a variety of courses, from Diplomas through Bachelors, Masters’ to Doctoral programmes in an innovative pattern, adopting critical thinking and creative expression.

GUC shares a passion for innovation in teaching and research. I am extremely proud to represent the GUC as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International Affairs) and to lead the School of Humanities and Law (SHL) as Dean. The SHL is committed to impart knowledge and skills to enable students to become successful educators, industry leaders who are vital to the success of any organization, and educational professionals. The SHL is committed to provide outstanding learning experience, quality education programmes, advance dynamic research opportunities that will deliver considerable social and economic benefits. SHL undertakes highly practical foundational and deep disciplinary research, collaborate with other disciplines, take on problems that are important to the contemporary world.


Action learning
We use case studies, role playing, projects, quizzes, debates and coursework to promote action learning
Innovative legal studies
Forefront insights are an emphasis of all our modules
Developed by legal professionals
Market-driven transformation of legal delivery methods developed in collaboration with top legal professionals
Emphasis on developing out-of-the-box and innovative legal solutions

GUC voices

"Through this program and guidance from the experienced lecturers, it gave me great insight on management practice in organization. Good program with extensive input on theories andapplications. Thank you, Genovasi University College. "

Sugandhi Madhushani Pathirana, Diploma in Management, Recognition of Prior Learning Programme (RPL)

"Throughout this program, I enjoyed the learning session with the lecturers and fellow classmates as we work together to apply the theories and skills learnt to come up with our project paper. I am nowready to start my career journey"

Shannen Johnson, Diploma in Management, Recognition of Prior Learning Programme (RPL)