School of Multidisciplinary and Continuing Studies (SMACS)

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The school offers many programmes including management, business administration, political science, marketing and even real estate depending on the student’s selected areas of study, work experience and level of educational attainment.

Dean's Message

I welcome you to the repertoire of SMACS professional courses, both short and long term, designed to advance the careers of working adults and drive the growth of the organizations they work with.The SMACS program is specially designed and tailored to meet the needs of adult students. They are flexible in time, use many delivery methods, strict rules in exam management and submission of project papers to maintain integrity and quality.SMACS also recognizes the need for each company to review its position and map its growthcontinuously. Defined areas such as the world of politics, organizational development andcommunity development have become indispensable tools for the development and teaching of contemporary issues in politics and governance at the national, regional and international levels.I welcome every career-minded individual into what I believe will be an exciting training andlearning experience as they embark on an exciting journey to realize their career aspirationsthrough SMACS.


Critical Thinker
You’ll be dealing with world politics, and therefore need to adopt and hone the ability to use logic arguments and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of solutions, conclusions to various problems.
Knowledge and understanding of laws, legal codes, court procedures, government regulations, international politics and policy are vital and a necessity in this field. You can’t afford to not be well read and up to date with the current trends
Good Communicator
Regardless of the job path, you may have to handle discussions, conflicts, treaties, collaborations between two parties that need to be tackled with patience, tact and diplomacy.

GUC voices

"Political science has broadened my perspective of politics. You can learn about things you never thought about and use a lot of critical thinking skills which I think is good for active politicians. "

Ariffin Willie Bin Muhamad