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The Aim of the School is to produce Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapist (Yosiotherapist) and Yoga Sports Professionals of high standards of knowledge to promote deeper understanding of Yoga Philosophy and Sports Science ( Yoga Meets Science) practices based on ancient Yoga Traditions and Modern Sciences in Biomechanics in Education for holistic health and well-being of all. Research and Development on the efficacy of the systems. Expand the outreach of affordable Yoga Sports Scientist Services in the National Health Care Delivery System. To act as a School of Excellence in Yoga Sports Sciences. To develop, promote and propagate the philosophy, science and art of yoga. To provide and promote facilities for Yoga Sports Sciences education, training, therapy and research to fulfil the objectives of the School. The first ever University College in Malaysia and around the world that offers such prestigious programs.

Dean's Message

Dr. Ds.Lingham Pillai
Dean of SYOSS

Salam Sejahtera and Welcome

You have taken the first step in your life to embark on a professional career in Yoga Sports and Sciences and have made the right decision with Genovasi University College. There are two major challenges in this era of science and technology – stress and pollution which leads to diseases of the body and mind leading to an unbalanced lifestyle. Various efforts are being made to control the pollution and become ecofriendly. However, on the second front, a decreasing quality of life, increasing health hazards and social unrest which are different expressions of stress, have shown no trend of decrease. On the contrary, over the last three decades, it is on path of ascent. Stress comes in many different forms, can affect anyone no matter of age, gender, or profession, and leads serious health problems. There are many different reasons for stress, e.g., stress caused by work place or being from a job, divorce, financial problems and family problems or anything else. We have always taken initiatives to promote health and improve the quality of life of an individual by creating awareness of the health benefits. Yoga Sports Science is an integrated and important system of lifestyle. It is an Ancient System based on self-actualization, discovering certain line developments beyond the range of sensory perception by means of self-discipline and achieving a multi-sided inner progress. The utility of this perfected science is now for human excellence and healthy living for it is your Birth Right. It amalgamates traditional knowledge with modern scientific health perspective where yoga meets science in its purest approach.

This Course is good for people of all walks of life, and particularly for those just finished their A levels, SPM or equivalent, open to yoga practitioners or yoga teachers, those with background in healthcare or sports, such as physiotherapist, osteopaths, sports massage therapist, fitness trainers, coaches or athletes and also for those who wish to be professional and looking for a stable and firm career educational development in a Billion Dollar business in the wellness industry, who will see great advantages. We bridge the gap between yoga and sports sciences, enabling athletes and everyone of all ages and abilities to benefit from our tried and tested methods. Recognizing that the breath of yoga was the missing link in health practices and training and related forms, we have developed the Yoga Sports Science Programs, creating a professional education and training program uniting both sciences. In your studies you will learn how to apply our sports-specific yoga sports science techniques and scientific approach. You will learn how to use our functional yoga sports science techniques to design and analyze your own posture and understanding the Yogic Science of Sequencing and Breathing to help you formulate a good training program which is better, safer and effective for your own needs and the need of the world at large. The Yoga Sports and Sciences bestows inner strength, sharpens intellect, teachers to control our emotions, bring rare concentration, efficiency into our action and making one to do the right things in the right way and direction at the right time. Yoga Sports Science is a means of maintaining health and well-being in an increasing society.

Sharing a depth knowledge for deeper understanding to becoming an excellent Yoga Sports Scientist is the paramount goal. This paradigm shift is where we produce Professional Yoga Sports Scientist to deliver sports – specific yoga to athletes, yoga lovers, fitness based practitioners and patients, tailored to the demands of their needs and integrated into their training in an easy, sustainable and enjoyable way, increasing performance to the fullest potential, healing and reducing any risk of injury, bodily and mindfully. By embarking on this yoga programs with Genovasi University College, this is the best decision you have made because you will help others make a difference in making the world a better place to live by giving a meaning and purpose to your own life.

Our methodology is about creating and exceeding Excellence and pushing beyond boundaries for transformation. This is the Yoga Sports Science. We create the Union of Yoga with Science, creating Yoga Professionals of an excellent standard are Leaders in Malaysia and the world at large. I have enriched the tradition of Yoga and envisioned new dimensions for it.

I look forward to guiding you through the entire program on the next stage of your yogic journey. Learn the power of yoga and science as a tool for body – mind wellbeing and give this gift to others so that they may enjoy a better lifestyle.

“The human body is a marvel of engineering. From the muscular, skeletal and human consciousness system of the hand working in concert to allow us to type, eat, and caress to the circadian rhythms of the heart and digestive system keeping things moving despite our consciousness being elsewhere, our bodies are far more complex and awe-inspiring than any man-made creation.” – Alexander Tsairas & Barry Werth. Wishing you all the best for your new professional career in Yoga Sports Science as the world awaits you.


Providing systematic Teaching and Research
YSSS is committed in creating Qualified and certified Yoga Sports and Sciences Professionals in Exercise Medicine for Non – Communicable Diseases.
Complying Guidelines and Safety
Championing WHO’s guidelines for Proper, safety aspects and effectiveness in exercising for cultivation of right knowledge in Physio Dynamics and Biomechanics of Yogasana / Yoga Exercises relating to precautions, contra-indicative effects and prevention of injuries.
Advocating Yoga Culture and Tradition
Scientific Knowledge of the Art of Breathing, Energy Systems and Range of Motion in Yoga Exercises for deeper understanding in Exercise Science for enhancing high performance.
Pioneer in Yoga Sports and Sciences
The first in the world pioneering Yoga Sports where cultural, spiritual mysticism and Scientific Evidence meet for Psychological Benefits in Management of Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

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"The Aim of the School is to produce Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapist (Yosiotherapist) and Yoga Sports Professionals of high standards of knowledge to promote deeper understanding of Yoga Philosophy and Sports Science ( Yoga Meets Science) practices based on ancient Yoga Traditions and Modern Sciences in Biomechanics in Education for holistic health and well-being of all. "

Dr. Ds.Lingham Pillai