Industrial 4.0 Readiness

The world has seen three industrial revolutions in the past. The fourth is looming right now and its potential impact to our lives is beyond corporeal imagination. Many felt IR 4.0 will bring disruptive changes to almost all spheres of life including education. In this scenario how will GUC position herself? Education is the nursery bed for future populations, very crucial in ensuring that the world is in the good hands of its knowledgeable citizens. One central characteristic of IR 4.0 is that technology and science is accelerating at exponential rate, making knowledge ‘obsolete’ in a much shorter time especially in computing. For a 3-4 year degree programs, knowledge learned in the first year is superseded by the time he or she graduates. 

In confronting this, GUC shall embark on micro-credential programs namely nanodegrees and micro masters. As the name suggests, micro credentials are earned in a much shorter period (one or two semesters) and skills-based with predominantly industry participation. Our dual-mode license (conventional and ODL) makes it possible to conduct micro-credential programs because part of the syllabus shall be entirely on ODL mode.  Adding salt to the taste, all GUC graduates is fortified with Design Thinking skills to equip them to navigate the unchartered waters of IR 4.0

Key factors

Cutting edge
Keeping up with current pace of technology
Nano degree & Micro master
Micro-credential programs with high industry participation
Big data
Access to data source for ongoing discovery and analysis
Internet of things
Developing agile and streamlined operations with great visibility and transparency


Online Distance Learning
Online and distance learning at GUC offers a fresh way of blending innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with your tutor and fellow students from around the world.
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Design Thinking
THE process for creative problem solving.  With human-centricity at its core, it fosters organisations to focus on the people they're creating for — the ultimate recipe for better products, services, and internal processes.
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TVET Certification
Gone are the days where TVET enjoyed a bad rap. Thanks to IR 4.0, TVET is more relevant today than it has ever been before as it involves education and hands-on job training, which provide knowledge and skills for employment.
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